Friday, 31 March 2017

She wept Silently!

She was taught of  silence
To be quiet and  listen
Not to ask
Have some pounded bitter herbs
Drink some warm water
And hush hush the pain

She was taught of endurance
This time each month
To keep on with her chores
While her body  in chaos
Her legs numb and heavy
Her price of womanhood

She was told to be a woman
How would you stand labour pain?
If you cannot take this little pain
How would she explain?
And if she tried to tell in vain
She will loose anyway

Now she is told it’s all her fault
She gave her womb to her witchcraft
And had too many abortions
She isn’t a woman enough
And still she lingers in her pain

She is now all grown
Have a mind of her own
Their hopes long gone
But she still holds on
To these dreams of her own
Once to hold her own

Monday, 6 March 2017

The Dancers

They don't know this song
But they dance to it
Not before have their ears met this beat
But they will break a leg for it
They don't understand this tune
But they marvel at it
Won't follow the rhythm
But will move to it
Forget about steps
They will be good at it

The drums are too loud
The dust raising high
Covering their eyes
But they dance
Their feet thumping...thumping
On the dried brown earth
Forgetting their sorrows
With no hopes for tomorrow
For the love of this music
They have never heard before 

Her Little Wins!

This time, if it happens this time
I swear
This is the last time

It was my fault, all of it
This last time
See, I hadn’t made him his favorite food
For a very long time
He isn’t that bad, didn’t he take me to Dubai ?
But this time I swear
This time I leave

I made him do it, all of it
This last time
See, I was stubborn and thoughtless
For a very long time
He isn’t that heartless; he got me my dream jeep
But this time I swear
This time I leave

I was stupid
This last time
See, I enjoyed food so much and got myself fat
For a very long time
He isn’t that horrible, he didn’t bring her to our home
Like the other time
But this time I swear
This time I leave

What do you want this time
He will ask every time
This time, a car…a house…shopping…a boutique
 He isn’t that bad
There will be a next time
And I will go to Paris
Maybe china for my merchandise
Or just Thailand to relax
That will be the very next time
But this time I leave

That time
The other time
The last time
The very last time
This time
There will always be
Another time